gpx File Downloads
This page provides direct links to gpx files that I have recorded while doing these various hikes.  They are provided here so that you can do a virtual hike if you wish using Google Earth.  Once a gpx file is downloaded onto your computer, you can open your Google Earth software.  Once you are running Google Earth, you can open these gpx files in Google Earth and Google Earth will show you the hike as only Google Earth can.  A good hike to start with is the West Cochise Stronghold Hike. It goes up into some spectacular rock formations.  Note that in Google Earth, the latitude and longitude associated with the end of the pointer allows you to get the GPS coordinates of any location that you can see on the map.  So, if you want to go to any particular spot visible in Google Earth you can write down the coordinates and use them as your target in your GPS device.  If the coordinates are not in a form with which you are familiar there are free sites on the web where you can convert one form of latitude and longitude to another form.  Have fun playing with these gpx files and your Google Earth.